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Crystal Wealth Management provide excellent Retirement Planning & Pension Advice


Most people recognise that it is wise to plan for their retirement, and many do so by contributing to pension arrangements as they realise it represents one of the most tax efficient investments that can be made. Legislative changes, introduced in April 2006 simplified the rules. Announcements made in the Budget March 2014 and proposed further legislative changes in April 2015 means that clients will need professional advice more than ever to ensure they understand the options open to them and how they impact on their individual circumstances.

Have you seriously considered when you want to retire and how much income you will need? Do you really know what your existing arrangements are, and will they meet your expectations in retirement?

The changes announced, and proposed for April 2015 give greater freedom of choice in accessing your pension fund. Crystal Wealth Management are happy to explain these changes and discuss the options available to you.


Retirement Planning


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Should you wish to discuss your Retirement Provision please Contact Us for helpful information and advice.

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Contact Crystal Wealth Management for excellent Retirement Planning & Pension Advice

Contact Us For...
Knowledgeable Professional Advice

0117 923 2320


We listen to you, as only through a clear understanding of your individual requirements can we help you develop a retirement strategy to meet your unique objectives.


After discussing your retirement objectives we will establish through a series of questions your tolerance to risk as well as any ethical stance you may have.

Should you have any existing Pension Plans we will establish their risk profile and review their continued suitability in line with your objectives. If further information is required on any of your existing arrangements we will obtain this on your behalf directly from the relevant institutions prior to conducting our research in line with your requirements.

In today’s employment market there is rarely a ‘job for life’, this can result in an accumulation of pension plans. We will help you trace these older and sometimes forgotten arrangements in order to enhance your retirement provisions.

Using our experience gained over many years, and a variety of sophisticated planning tools that are now available we will design a bespoke retirement portfolio to meet your needs.

A change in your circumstances or attitude to risk, market conditions and/or displacement of a fund manager are all factors that may necessitate a change to your retirement portfolio, therefore it is imperative that your Pension Plans  are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure their continued suitability.

Products that we review and consider include –

Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP)Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP)
Personal Pension Plans (PPP)Personal Pension Plans (PPP)
Occupational (Company) Pension PlansOccupational (Company) Pension Plans
Group Pension Plans (GPP)Group Pension Plans (GPP)
Stakeholder Pension PlansStakeholder Pension Plans
Contracting Out Arrangements (APP)Contracting Out Arrangements (APP)
Small Self Administered Schemes (SSAS)Small Self Administered Schemes (SSAS)
Retirement Annuity Contracts (RAC or S226)Retirement Annuity Contracts (RAC or S226)
Executive Pension Plans (EPP)Executive Pension Plans (EPP)
Section 32ís (S32)Section 32’s (S32)


When you've worked hard all your life, you want to obtain the maximum benefit from your pension funds. At Crystal Wealth Management we can provide comprehensive and impartial advice on the choices available to you that include annuities, phased retirement, open market option and income drawdown contracts.

It is not always in your interest to purchase your retirement income from your existing pension provider(s), you should take time to consider your options.

We will help you select the most appropriate option, dependent on your age, state of health, the size of your pension fund and whether you have income from other sources.

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